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Feel good and look great while enjoying the energy of magnetic jewellery!


Magnetic Jewellery CANNOT be worn if pregnant or have a pace
maker. Consult your physician!

Magnets have been used for centuries for a variety of medical conditions...
Magnetic energy is the strongest natural force in the universe and the power of magnets is one of the most basic powers of nature. The use of magnet therapy for health and well-being has an ancient history dating back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used lodestones to prolong life and improve health. It is said that Cleopatra wore a polished lodestone in the belief that it helped maintain her youth and beauty.

Exactly how magnets help alleviate pain is only now being scientifically discovered and understood. One main benefit is the increase in blood circulation in the affected areas. Acting like a heating pad, but not limited in time of use, magnets appear to relax blood vessels, allowing them to bring more oxygen-rich blood and carry toxins away from the affected site. It is also felt that a magnetic field helps to diminish electronic pain signals sent by nerve receptors to the brain.

How it works...
The magnetic energy that enters the body is the catalyst that stimulates the body's energy. The deep penetrating therapeutic energy released by bi-polar magnets (bi-polar means that the magnets are arranged so that both North and South Poles contact the body) helps to increase blood flow and circulation.
This in turn increases the oxygenated nutrient-rich blood flow to affected tissues while speeding the removal of toxins and waste products, thereby providing pain relief, reducing inflammation and allowing the body to naturally and more quickly heal itself. Does it work? Yes! Most people experience the benefits of magnets due to increased blood flow.
There are even health benefits for your well as increased immunity for your animal, magnets are anti-parasitic. This is a bonus for the control of fleas and other parasites!

Is it safe?
Magnetic therapy is safe even for extended periods.
Pregnant women or individuals wearing an electronic implant such as a pacemaker should not use magnetic jewellery.

Why choose magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is a natural, drug-free, cost effective and easy-to-use method of self treatment, without any of the side effects
associated with conventional methods of pain relief. Our jewellery provides the same healing effects as the methods used successfully by physiotherapists all over the world. It can be worn on the wrist, ankle or neck throughout the day or night to achieve maximum benefit.

Some people experience a tingling sensation in their skin where the jewellery is worn. This indicates that the magnetic jewellery is working, but because of the strength, some people need to introduce magnetism to their body slowly. If the sensation continues, simply wear the jewellery intermittently. Also, never wear magnetic jewellery next to your stops the hands!
Our jewellery flushes the toxins out of our body. Some people notice a slight discolouration to their urine. This is completely normal and harmless.

Caring for your jewellery

Our magnetic jewellery is low maintenance! A simple wipe with a soft cloth using water and a mild soap will remove body oil and grime from the jewellery. Jewellery should not be worn in water (bath, hot tub, spa, shower, pool etc.). Because the beads are magnetic, the jewellery can stick to metal objects (steel chairs, washing machine etc.). Being aware of this will help prevent misplacing or losing your jewellery. We cannot be responsible for lost jewellery. It is believed that the crystals that are formed on the clasp are toxins removed from the body. These particles should be removed weekly by cleaning the clasp with a soft cloth.

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